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Bath Decors | Bathroom design ideas. - Part 103
Sunday , September 15 2019

Tips on Stylish bathrooms Ideas

With the ever dynamic markets, bathrooms are ever evolving and so does the styles.  Stylish bathrooms are very common in five star hotels and other lavish houses. That doesn’t mean those with small or simple houses cannot have stylish bathrooms for themselves. There are very many aspects of designs that …

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A tile is a piece of  hard material like ceramic, porcelain, stone, metal or glass often installed on the floor, walls and showers.  Bathroom tiles range from the simple square tiles to the complex mosaics and other intricate designs and patterns in irregular shapes and sizes for a designer look. …

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Tips on Selecting the Best Bathroom Designs

You cherish and love your bathroom, would like to have the best attractive design that anyone can admire. However, with hundreds of so many splendid and glamorous designs out there, it certainly becomes very daunting selecting the best bathroom designs that suit your preference. Apart from looking at the design’s …

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A Bathroom is a place to relax or recharge but should have enough illumination so that you can do your essentials in a very congenial and comfortable environment. A good lighting plan for the bathroom means placing ample light where it is most needed for showers, shaving or applying make-up …

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How to Get More With Small Bathrooms Ideas

Small bathrooms usually leave so many home owners thinking there’s nothing or very little they can do to utilize the small bathroom space available. Well, with good small bathrooms ideas, it is possible to get the best out of your small bathroom and still make them appear less cluttered. It …

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Bathroom décor ideas for a small bathroom

If you thought that having a stylish or luxurious bathroom was only meant for a large room, then you have never been more wrong! Functional and stylish bathroom designing is all about making the most of the space and budget that you have, no matter how large or small it …

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Tub Shower Combo Ideas for small Bathrooms

Are you in dilemma on whether to choose between a tub and a shower for your bathroom? Well, no need to stress up yourself as it is possible to have both. Never mind about the space factor. There are plenty of ways you can have the combination for your little …

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Amazing Ideas for Your Walk-in Shower Enclosures

Are you planning for a bathroom redesign? Apart from simply analyzing the available space to suit functionality and decoration aspect, you are also going consider whether you’d like to have a walk-in shower included. Over the years the walk in shower has gained a lot of popularity as the ultimate …

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