Tuesday , November 5 2019


Bathroom wall tiles can play a significant role in portraying the outlook and frame of the bathroom. As weird as it sounds but bathrooms are considered to be the most important rooms in the household. As a result people spend tons of hours brainstorming creative ideas to customize their bathroom outlook. One such creative idea is to paint the bathroom wall tiles. If one wants to paint the tiles some factors should be kept in mind. Firstly, preparation of the surface and secondly, using the appropriate kind of paint. Before getting on with the action part directly one should know exactly what he or she wants in the form of the outcome. The new look desired should be clear in the mind so that one does not have to re-do it all over again. While preparing there are three steps to follow. The first one is to clean the tile with any tile-cleaning product. Make sure that you allow ample time to dry your tiles. For this you can use a sponge so that it does not remain wet. After cleaning, the second step is to sand the tile properly. For this a specific synthetic sand paper, also known as aluminum oxide can be used. Then, the edges should be masked so that the remaining residues leave. Then lastly, any dust should be wiped off. A damp cloth can be used for this purpose. The dust particles can be a big obstacle while painting the tile so it is important to get rid of all the dust. It all seems a hassle but the results surely are worth it.

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