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Shower glass – Get to know their types

Shower glasses are the perfect way to create a segregation in the bathroom, especially when they are big. The shower glasses come in different types, through which they add the extra glam quotient to the bathroom. A few points to note before buying the right shower glass for you is the type of glass, the size of the enclosure, the price of the glass, maintenance factor and installation process.

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Here is the list of different types of shower glasses.

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Clear glass – The most commonly found type of shower glass anywhere is the clear glass type. This type of shower glass is perfect whereby it allows for light to pass through easily. These are a bit thicker than the window glasses. A smart way of window installation in the bathroom would save the usage of lights while showering during the day.

shower glass - 3shower glass - 3

Low iron glass – This type of shower glass is almost similar to clear glass, with an exception that they have lower iron content in them compared to the clear glass. Due to this, they have more clarity compared to the clear glass, allowing more light to pass through.

Frosted glass – This type of shower glass is also known as patterned glass. Here one side of the glass has artistry created on it by acid washing process. These patterns are generally opaque and are preferred in case of privacy needs.

Hammered glass – This type of shower glass is also known as textured glass, where again one side of the glass is pattered by creating indentations. The artistry in such a glass in more and create beautiful patterns when light flows through them.

Rain glass – Rain glass is similar to the frosted glass as it is textured on one side. The reason they are called rain glass is due to the patterns that are formed on the shower glass which is in the form rainfall pattern.

Tinted glass – This type of shower glass is great for places that demand higher privacy. They are typically color glass which have the highest opaque percentage among all the types of shower glasses. They allow very less amount of light to pass through them.

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