Wednesday , February 12 2020

Shower stalls vs. Bath-tub

Designing a small space is one of the most difficult tasks for a professional designer. We try to use every corner of space to make it both useful and beautiful. Many people opt for shower stalls whereas many like to have bath-tubs.

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So, this article would help you to choose between shower stall and bath-tub.

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Let’s discuss the advantages of shower stall first:

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  1. Modern shower stalls come in various designs which would help you find one that best suits your bathroom size. On the contrary, contemporary design bath-tubs usually a huge space.
  2. As per the design, shower stalls are quite beautiful and can even be fashionable made to meet your requirements.
  3. Another advantage of a shower stall is that it keeps your bathroom floor dry, all the water remains inside them, whereas in case of a bath-tub your floor is 80% likely to get wet every time you take shower. While taking steam baths in shower stalls steam never escapes to the general space of your bathroom.

Next are the disadvantages of shower stalls in comparison to bath-tubs. There are some which needs to be mentioned.

  1. Firstly, designing a beautiful shower stall of different kind can be quite pricey.
  2. Fixing a shower stall is not an easy work, either. You need to fix it right, glue it correctly and let it dry for some amount of time to avoid water escaping the stall and filling the general space of your bathroom.
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