Friday , August 23 2019

Simple and Elegant: SMALL BATHROOM

In this modern century every single person in the society wants his or her house to fulfil two things. One is that the house should be beautiful to the eye and the other is that it must be comfortable to live in. Even if a person is building a house from within a restricted budget, he would want the house to be elegant and cosy. Building an extra-large house is not always a very wise decision. A huge house that is not able to cater to the needs of the residents is not at all an asset to the owner.

small bathroom - 1small bathroom - 1

Bathrooms are integrals parts of a house. So designers are very critical about making comfortable bathrooms. These days, small bathrooms have become a very common component while building a home. The main reason for choosing such small bathroom is the lack of availability of space. While building a house small bathrooms in every bedroom would be more effective than building a more spacious one common to two or more rooms.

small bathroom - 2small bathroom - 2

While designing a small bathroom, care must be taken to ensure that other facilities are not compromised. Sufficient space for storage must be provided in the form of shelves and racks. Also the toilet facilities like closets, washbasins etc. must be chosen in such a way that they are of ideal size so that they fit well inside the bathroom. Also the visual beauty of the bathroom must be taken care of. The tiles, the walls, the lights everything must match with each other.

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