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Simple Bathroom design ideas to Revamp Your Bathing Space

Once upon a time, bathrooms were seen as a place to merely wash oneself after a hard and sweaty day of work.  With creative minds expanding to incorporate every part of a house into looking beautiful and inviting, bathrooms are now acquiring as much attention in home designing as the bedroom or living room. Here are a few bathroom design ideas that you can start with.

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Loose the tub

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In recent times, the eureka moment of tubs have started to fade away as they are not very economical when it comes to water usage and take up almost half the space in your bathroom. Replacing it with an all-purpose overhead shower can be the best option.

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Essential storage

Turn an old dresser into a storage area for your towels, tissues and daily wear. This will not only save you running out for these essentials but will also serve as a vanity furniture glamming up your bath space.


The priority should always be to allow as much natural light to enter as possible. Avoid concentrating all the light on the ceiling as this will throw shadows on your face. Ceiling scones and vertical lights will keep the room well-lit and create layers of light to give the bath a dramatic look.

Add a dash of colour

One of the best bathroom design ideas is to add colour to the space. Consider a painted wall, coloured tiles or even colour coordinated fittings. If you don’t wish to spend too much, throw in some flowers in a statement vase or hang a few cheerful paintings to do your work.

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