Tuesday , December 3 2019

Small Bathroom Designs for Your Petite House

If you have a moderate or small sized bathroom, you can remodel the space using tricks and methods that can create the illusion of space. Here are some small bathroom designs that you can implement to not only make optimal utilization of space but also to keep the room organised while adding an attractive touch to it.

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A mirror can create an illusion of increased space, and can effortlessly make your bathroom look almost double the original size.

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One of the most convenient small bathroom designs is the use of partitions to create a sense of increased space as well as adding drama to the room. Forget wooden screens and bring in, instead, rain curtains, crochet screens and sliding glass panels. These will give you freedom to play around with designs without taking up any extra space.

Hidden Storage

Those with minimal bathroom space can opt for a set of cabinets preferably under the sink. They take the least amount of space and also provide an opportunity to display artsy panels and faux woodwork on the shelves. Similarly, you can also go for a row of shelves hidden behind your bathroom mirror.

Tub Replacement

Gone are the days of heavy bulky tubs blocking one end of the bathroom. That area can now be used to create elaborate shower spaces. To create this sensual experience within the limited space, install a shower stall measuring slightly bigger than the standard 3-by-3 feet box and you will have remodelled your bath space completely.

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