Tuesday , February 11 2020

Small Bathroom Renovations Idea

When you plan to remodel your entire house, your bathroom cannot be left behind no matter how small it is. Sometimes you just have to work with the available space you’ve got.

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After a continued use for a long period, bathrooms usually lose their elegance and beauty.   Renovating your bathroom is just a way of restoring its lost magnificence after years of service. It is also a way of improving the general appearance of your bathroom to make it more appealing. For instance, if you have framed glass shower screens, you may decide to replace them with the more fashionable frameless glass shower screens.

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Here are four small bathroom renovations ideas that you can use to enhance your bathroom appearance.

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Mirrored walls

Mirrored walls improve the appearance of your bathroom to a little trippy, making it appear more spacious.

Recessed toilet tank

The tank part of your toilet can be recessed into the wall so you get to save a few more inches of space.

Curbless shower

Rather than having a usual shower door and a curb, why not replace them with frameless glass shower door and a curbless shower. With the walls absent around the bathroom you are sure to save a little more space however the big gain goes to the visual side.

Bath tubs

If you have a clearance space which is less than 5 inches but still would like to have a bath tub, it’s possible. Quite a number of tub manufacturers make bath tubs of sizes smaller than 60 inches.

These simple small bathroom renovations ideas can see you through getting most out of your less spacious bathroom at less.

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