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Small bathroom sinks – Different styles

Small bathroom sinks work great in terms of maintaining spatial efficiency and yet radiating their beauty. These sinks come in a wide variety of styles. Each of the styles give a different outlook to the bathroom and could turn out to be quite important in terms of being in sync with the other furniture in the bathroom. They are also come in a wide range of colors, however, universally the most commonly found color is white.

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Here we get to see the different styles of the small bathroom sinks.

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Self-Rimming style – This type of small bathroom sink is also known as the drop in sink. They come with ease of installation feature. As per the name, they have a rim around the drop in part of the sink. These are the most commonly styled small bathroom sinks found universally. Even so they are great addition to any building and give a great outlook to the bathroom.

small bathroom sinks - 3small bathroom sinks - 3

Under mount styles – This type of small bathroom sink is very similar to the self-rimming style. They have quite a similarity in form factor and also have the ease of installation. However, they need to be fixed to a solid surface.

Wall mounted style – This type of small bathroom sink is probably the easiest in terms of installation. They could fit into any wall, of course with plumbing work and proper attachments included. They do not take up the floor space, however, the plumbing is quite visible.

Pedestal style – This type is complementary to the wall mounted sink, due to the fact that they take up quite a bit of floor space. However as they hide up the entire plumbing fittings they give a very neat and clean outlook.

Vessel style – This type of the small bathroom sink perhaps is the most glamourous of all. They need to be fitted on a top which would usually provide the pipe fittings too. These are usually found in luxury hotels or restautants.

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