Tuesday , January 21 2020

Small bathrooms have become extremely popular due lack of space.

Earlier when designing a house, space was used lavishly. But nowadays land has become scarce; hence the space available to build the house is very limited. So emphasis needs to be given to designing rooms, which use up minimum space but offer maximum comfort.

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Since bathroom is one of the most frequently visited areas in a house, it needs to be carefully designed so that it looks good and at the same time is comfortable. Care must be taken to make sure that bathrooms don’t use up a lot of space. Hence small bathrooms started becoming popular among the people.

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There are many things that must be considered while designing a bathroom. Since we are thinking about a small bathroom, we must make sure that every item that we choose must also use limited space.

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Various other things like lights, bathroom vanity, bathroom accessories etc. also need to be carefully selected. The lights must be energy efficient and durable so that the maintenance cost required for the bathroom is minimised.

Saving space is very important but it must not be at the cost of storage space. There must be sufficient amount of space to store the various requirements like bath towels, soap items etc.

While selecting the flooring and the wall designs, light colours are more preferred because they create an illusion that makes the bathroom look more spacious than it actually is. One other advantage with small bathrooms is that they are cheaper to construct.

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