Thursday , January 2 2020

Some tips for shower surrounds

If you are planning for some shower surrounds but unsure about the suitability of different options you might get answers of few questions here. The first and foremost question is which tile for shower surrounds to use. Keep in mind that if you are having medium to small size bathroom relatively larger tiles with bold pattern will open up the look also it will be long lasting. If you want to go curvy and play with ceiling and walls then use smaller tiles. Actually smaller tiles are easy to work with also it gives crunchy fineness to place.   Smaller tiles contain multiple grout lines which is definitely big resistance to slippage. On the contrary larger tiles lack this attribute. Larger tiles are also available with slip resistance rating. A and B are good to go while crating tiles are poor slip resistant. Ceramic and porcelain offers ample water resistance. If you are interested for creating shower benches in circular shape and sloped ceiling which is must for commercial steam showers always use small tiles as it beautifully manage the demands. Adding a feature wall to your shower surround can be a punch factor to your place. You can infuse your desired theme in bathrooms with splendor of colors. If you are interested in creating Scandinavian theme then pale blue, aqua, mystic green and subtle shades of yellow can work wonders for you. Modern themes with neutral themes such as ivory, white and beige theme with black backsplash would definitely revitalize the charm and elegance of your place.

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