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Styles of bathroom storage cabinets

Bathrooms also need storage space as the rooms need. It is not that the storage space is needed less in bathroom. There is need to sufficient bathroom storage space. There are many styles for bathroom storage and there are certain things which should be kept in mind while preparing the bathroom storage.

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In case of the bathroom storage you can choose from freestanding to wall mounted one. The first thing to be done is to measure the space and also consider the opening of doors and windows. After that you can decide the type of bathroom storage cabinets. The base cabinets are the freestanding fixtures which are on the floor. They are free to move and can be placed anywhere. The freestanding cabinets are available in variety of shapes, size and styles. The closet cabinets are like the floor to ceiling storage and they are used to optimize the vertical space. They should be kept near the wall for support.

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Style of cabinet

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The wall cabinets are similar to the medicine cabinets and they are small units which are affixed to the wall. Usually these bathroom storage cabinets are above the toilets. The bathroom shelves can be installed in many ways. It is very easy to find the bathroom storage as per the existing theme of your bathroom. You can get the bathroom storage in metal, glass, wood, bamboo and many other materials. Some of the cabinets have open shelves and some have doors. Some of the bathroom storage cabinets have mirrors and some have locks as well.

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