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Shower style and technology has come forward distance in recent years with some unbelievably innovative styles taking centre stage. From basic shower cubicles, we’ve affected forwards into wet-room territory wherever entire loos are reworked into luxurious capsules, excellent for enjoying long showers and currently even shower cubicles will become abundant sleeker and easier to keep up with new innovations in wall coverings. Shower walls are a reasonably new idea and that they actually appear to be jam-packed with promise initially look.

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A shower wall is largely a tricky, hardwearing and waterproof wall covering designed to be fitted within shower cubicles or areas. Usually sold in kit type, they’re a water-resistant pane system that is another to additional ancient tiles. They are available in an exceedingly wide range of colors and finishes from marble result to plain matte gray and there are even models that go together with accessorial sparkles; if you happen to love to a small degree of brashness within the morning. Shower wall kits comprise a complete set with trims and sealer so you’ll pop it all into place yourself. Because the surface of shower wall is non-porous, they’re straightforward to scrub.

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Shower Walls over Shower Tiles

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Shower walls undoubtedly have a bonus over tiles therein they contains fewer parts. Not as ancient in look as tiles, they may look super-sleek during a modern lavatory and make your bathroom give a very neat and finished touch.

In terms of maintenance, a fast wipe with bactericide spray ought to see your shower wall trying nearly as good as new in no time while tiles would like additional in terms of labour. Grout is often a difficulty with tiles and unless you’re super wakeful regarding cleansing daily and drying the walls off, your grout can typically begin to seem slightly shabby when many years.

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