Thursday , July 4 2019

The benefits of getting a frameless showers

A frameless shower door, as is obvious from the name, is made using only glass and does not have any metal frame. Due to the absence of support of a surrounding frame, the glass that is used in such doors is heavy-duty, with a thickness of at least ½ inch, thus protecting it from any damage and shaking. If you too are looking for frameless showers in your bathroom, then knowing a little more about them before making your decision is but the right thing to do.

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The aesthetic beauty that frameless showers come with is easily amongst their biggest pros. A beautiful set of tiles in the shower can be showcased with frameless glass doors, and for smaller shower areas, a glass door will only make the space look better and feel bigger. Another advantage of having a frameless shower door is that it allows a lot of light to be reflected and circulated in the entire bathroom, and allows a bathroom to open up and look more spacious.

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Unlike a framed system, there is little space for the water to collect, thus decreasing the possibility of mildew or mold buildup near the door. These are also easier to clean up, and maintain their beauty for a longer time than most doors. With an increased degree of customization, style and variety to chose from, frameless shower doors offer a lot to the user to add in the bathroom. Thus, if you too are looking for frameless showers, then you now know as to why you should go in for one!

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