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Walk in bathtubs are perhaps not very common in most homes but can be found in most senior homes and retirement centers. They have a door to aid the users walk in and out of the bathtub, as the usual bathtub can present a challenge to aged people when it comes to climbing in and out for a bath. Accidents are bound to occur, making it prudent for one to consider the walk in bathtubs for those with safety challenges that come with using the normal bathtubs.

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How they Work

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The special bathtubs come with doors installed either in the front or side of the bathtub. The door has strong sealing which prevents water from leaking out of the bathtub and unto the floor. One can thus walk in, shut the door and have a bath without worrying of flooding the whole bathroom.

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The Pros

A walk in bathtub comes with added features to aid people with mobility issues. These include seats, hand rails, anti-slippery flooring as well as textured pads for help in keeping your head afloat while bathing.

The Cons

For the impatient ones, the drawback is that you have to first walk in the tub before turning the water on. You will also face the challenge of getting the right temperature for your bath while in the tub. Waiting for the water to completely drain out before stepping out of the walk in bathtub is also another challenge.

Some of these challenges are addressed by some manufacturers by having faster draining tubs, faster spouting taps as well as temperature controls, but all these improvements come at an added cost.

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