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The kinds of bathtub enclosures that you can chose from

Are you looking to buy bathtub enclosures, but unable to make the right choice or pick one from amongst the many options that there are? If this is the case, then you need not worry anymore. With a roundup of some of the most popular types of bathtubs and enclosures summarized here for you, you will get quite a good idea about what to go in for and what to avoid.

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Acrylic-surface and plastic surrounds are some of the cheapest of options that there are. The lowest priced items in this category come with nothing more than sheets of acrylic, which are glued to a moisture-resistant drywall. Their only pros include their extremely low cost and ability to get cut and drilled on easily, making them easy to install. However, these also have the shortest life span, and scratch and chip easily, without any scope for repairs.

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A better quality option for bathtub enclosures comes with using composites and fiberglass, which cost significantly more than acrylic-surface. However, it also comes with sturdy shelves and longevity that most cheap options do not offer. Composites are also easy to install and can undergo repairs for light scratches and problems.

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The highest quality of bathtub enclosures comes in solid-surface premium composites, which also have realistic tiles and patterns. Their longevity and durability, with a high range of scratch-resistance, makes them a great value for money product. However, premium composites are not only quite expensive, but they also need to be specially ordered for getting the best product. Selecting the right kind of enclosures as per your budget and preferences is all about knowing what they offer and what you want in your bathroom.

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