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Things to consider when design a bathroom for common use

One of the trickiest tasks in home design is figuring out how to design a bathroom for common use, that is, a bathroom that is not in a person’s room but rather is in a common area, like near the living room downstairs, or on the hallway upstairs. The amount of design choices nowadays can seem overwhelming, and you have to carefully think about what goes into it when you design a bathroom for common use.

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One factor you have to consider is the location of the bathroom. A bathroom upstairs will be used less than a bathroom downstairs, so if you are designing a bathroom downstairs, you have to make the extra effort to make it look more presentable and neutral. You might like wild colors like hot pink or neon orange, or you might want to put up that awesome Star Wars poster in your bathroom, but you don’t want to explain yourself each and every time a guest asks to use your bathroom, right?

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Another factor to consider is the size of the bathroom. You might have envisioned the things that you want to put inside your bathroom when you were designing your home, but only when you actually see the bathroom space will you really be able to decide what to put into it. The bottom line is, you don’t want to have your bathroom look to cluttered and cramped.

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It’s not easy to design a bathroom for common use, but if you consider the above-mentioned factors properly, you’ll find that it can make the process a pleasant one, and it will result in a common bathroom that you can call your own.

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