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Tips on Stylish bathrooms Ideas

With the ever dynamic markets, bathrooms are ever evolving and so does the styles.  Stylish bathrooms are very common in five star hotels and other lavish houses. That doesn’t mean those with small or simple houses cannot have stylish bathrooms for themselves.

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There are very many aspects of designs that you can select from in order to give your bathroom an elegant and contemporary look. The following are some bathroom ideas to give your bathroom a stylish and elegant look that you’ve always admired.

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White walls

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Sometimes you don’t have to select the intrinsic colors for your bathroom walls to make it stylish. White bathroom walls are elegant and amazing, in fact they are common in many contemporary five star hotels. Just chose large four white colored tiles for your bathroom walls. If you opt for something cheaper, acrylic is a better option as it is also white and smooth.

Freestanding tubs

A freestanding tub is excellent for bathrooms with pebble tile floors. It is also most interesting where the tub seats on rock.

Mosaic floors

Stylish bathrooms can be achieved by considering the design of your floor. The best floor design is a tile floor with a mosaic design. The mosaic design and color should match the color and texture of your bathroom cabinets and walls.

Natural lighting

A bathroom looks more contemporary when natural light is included in the bathroom. Including windows in your bathroom at strategic positions will increase ambient light and make your bathroom more airy and relaxing. You may also have the windows near the sinks so as to reduce dependency on the bulb lighting.

Glass enclosures

When you have frameless glass enclosures for your bathroom, it appears more elegant and attractive  than when with curtains.

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