Friday , December 14 2018

Tub Shower Combo Ideas for small Bathrooms

Are you in dilemma on whether to choose between a tub and a shower for your bathroom? Well, no need to stress up yourself as it is possible to have both. Never mind about the space factor. There are plenty of ways you can have the combination for your little space. A tub shower combo is very practical as you look from the spatial point of view.

The following are ideas on how you can achieve the tub shower combo for your small bathroom.

Choose a layout

There are different layout options to choose from. You can choose to have the shower in the tub which is a functional idea for small bathrooms. Another option is to have both the shower and the tub in the same space but separate. You can achieve this by including a glass enclosure to separate your bathroom from the entire room. A third option for layout is to opt for a smaller tub and placing the shower at one of the corners.

Door choices

An advance plan is necessary for this. For instance, you will require to determine the most appropriate position to place the shower door in advance so that there’s no interference with the toilet or vanity. That may sound like too much of a task to achieve, but who said it has to be a door anyway. You can choose a simple glass wall that can separate the different zones from one another.

Consider waterproofing

Waterproofing is very important when you plan to implement a tub shower combo. Selection of the drains, tiles and other materials ought to be done with much care.

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