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A Walk-in shower is an area enclosed by tiles on three sides and having a single glass pane with a shower head and other fixtures. It is usually installed in the corner so as to avoid the whole bathroom from getting wet. There is basically one big glass door separating the bathroom from the walk-in-shower. In recent times these walk-in-showers are getting more and more creative. They come in different shapes, with wood or arches or hidden behind a wall or in the center of the room, in fact these walk-in-showers have become a focal point of any modern bathroom.

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A walk-in-shower can make a small space appear roomier as the shower glass enclosure, reflected surface and tiled walls allow the light to move around spaciously. A entangled design with a glass enclosure and a built in bench, for a walk-in-shower will definitely expand the shower space. Create a spacious walk-in-shower by omitting the tub and using the space for a shower by just incorporating a glass door. Usually the tiles in the bathroom continue to the shower area so the glass enclosure will allow the natural light to flow between the bathroom and the shower. Some walk-in-showers blend into the background with continuity of wall tiles and flooring while others stand out due to unique tiling in the shower area and a river-rock-tiled floor. Such features highlight the walk-in-shower enhancing the usefulness and beauty of the bathroom.

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