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Why you might want to consider a Victorian bathroom

When you hear “Victorian bathroom”, do you imagine one of the scenes in a period movie, where a character is taking a luxurious bath in a large tub? If so, you have the right idea. A Victorian bathroom is just that – it’s named after the period in history when it became popular.

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Many people think that these bathrooms have to place in today’s modern homes because it will cause a disconnect in the overall design of the home. This might be partly true – if you don’t know how to properly design modern Victorian bathroom.

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Designing a modern Victorian bathroom can be quite tricky, but it can be done. A good first step would be to get an idea of what aspects of the bathroom you would like to decorate in a Victorian fashion. Be it the classic tub, the floor and wall tiles, or even a fireplace; try to look at as many designs as you can.

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The next step would be to choose what materials to use. When going after a modern look, metals like steel and aluminum are staples. Aside from being sturdy, these materials can provide nice accents. When it comes to colors, white, black, gray, or brown are standard ones. These colors provide a nice neutral look to your bathroom.

A Victorian bathroom in your home doesn’t have to be all that disconnected from your overall home design, even if you opt not to design the rest of your home that way. You just have to fuse the design of the old with the sensibility of the new.

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