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Your bathroom styles guide

It is not very difficult to differentiate between a modern and traditional style but you have to keep in mind that there are certain cohesive details will always define your bathroom style. Here is a guide that will help you understand different bathroom styles

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Traditional style

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Ideally, a traditional style is all about architectural details that are classic in that you use cabinets that are embellished, carved and natural stone carvings and fixtures with vintage looks. Remember that any traditional style requires balance; choose cabinets with a unique flair, counter tops made from granite or marble, finishes made from dark woods. The bottom line is that traditional bathrooms should have colors that are either subtle or bold and you can add an extra oomph by using classic patterned pieces.

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Eclectic bathroom styles

Eclectic is all about mixing different looks, styles and periods and make sure that you create something cohesive and don’t forget about the little details. You can use bold colors and prints to create design an instinctive bathroom.

Modern style

This bathroom style uses liberal materials to create a sleek and sophisticated look. Modern bathrooms are free from clutter and they always feature white colors paired with other bright colors like red, orange, yellow among other colors. Materials used to create the floors are usually unique, stylish and highly sophisticated and geometric shapes, clean lines and simple designs are significant.

Cottage bathroom style

The common architectural features for these bathrooms are floors made from hardwoods, cabinets made from distressed antique furniture and fabric patterns like stripes, checks, floral and damasks.

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